Sunday Morning, 1891 - Edmund Blair Leighton

Written by: Carrie Richards

O' lovely maid, in solitaire so fair of cheek and silken hair A wistful look upon her face It matters not that she is late This Sunday morning at the gate she halts as if to hesitate and looks around with hopeful chance as if to take a second glance for someone whom we cannot see who stands in shadows out of view to join her in the morning dew. Perchance her love will join her there and stroll with her in autumn air She waits a moment at the gate with silver threads laced over blue a shawl of pink and flowered hat in pastel shades of vast array Blended scents of wild bouquet where grasses grow beyond the road in golden waves of amber hue Flowers sprouting here and there A steeple sits upon the hill A stroller on his way to church admires with secret glance I wonder if she'll stroll the path or if she'll turn the other way to walk until she finds a place to sit and pray, or fall from grace... Or worship God in her own way embraced by Sunday's autumn day
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired By Isaiah Zerbst's Contest: Edmund Blair Leighton Paintings