Anniversary of an Unenviable Event Pt II

Written by: Dylan Irvin

I woke up this same morning and you were gone without warning
I ignored all of the signs, thinking my behavior was fine
But I missed you as soon as I crawled out of bed
And ever since then, you haven’t left my head
Well back then I was just a punk, staying out late and getting drunk
I wish you could see that I’m changed now, come back to me and you’ll see how
Tonight I need to disappear, cause I sure as hell can’t stay here
Your ghost has got me down, I think I’ll go out on the town

Now I’ve found myself sitting in a bar, wondering where in the world you are
I wonder if you’re as lonesome as me, baby I love you, can’t you see?
Even though I’ve got these eternal blues, I’m so glad that I fell in love with you
You’re the only girl that I’ll ever miss, I’d do anything for another kiss
I’d make all the right amends and let go of all my wrong trends
This same morning you were gone, and my heart can’t seem to move on
Baby I’d do it all again, even if it had the same end
I’d do it all over again, just to be your boyfriend
I’ll see you when the waves leave the sea, don’t forget me