times r changin rearrangin

Written by: Terrell Martin

times ‘r changin’ rearrangin’
     everything here to mars
stars, bars ‘n cars rollin’ 
     trains, planes ‘n internet games 
farmin ‘n cyber space
     races ‘n places r
leaving no traces of who or
     what we might have
once been before
     more open doors 2
technology never dreamed of
     a mere few
minutes ago but what do u know
     the way the wind blows here
we go again, new friends talking on
     star trek recorders like kirk n mr spock n
the real mccoy used 2
     pretend on tv when today
its apples n ipads not all bad instead of
     tinker toys 4 girls n boys n
hi-teck etch a sketch’n cowboys n njins 
     n gps bcuz we’re lozin our sense
of spelin n direction with all this 
     friggin new txtng forgettin how 
2 read a map and find our ways
     back home from rite around 
the corner cuz i’m afraid our civilization
     may be improvin n sum ways but 
degradin n others n 1 more thing 
     witches more or less personal 2 i guess 
2 every1 but god whoze
     disappearin at a rapid rate 
which may be a big miss take bcuz 
     if we remove him from the equation 
we may be losin’ our collective soul n
     it won’t take longer than a lickity split 
to say adios a-
     merika that’s it