Teaching Me a Lesson

Written by: Eileen Manassian

You think you’re teaching me a lesson
By what you say….or alternately by your silence
You think you are teaching me how to behave
Or what to think
Or what to say

Teacher, I don’t want to learn
The lessons that you teach
You have imbued them
With your own philosophy
Of life 
The lessons are biased
Full of mind control techniques
And propaganda
The hidden agenda is clear
You want me in subjugation
To your wishes
And whims
Not a person in my own right
With a thinking, reasoning ability

Teacher, I can teach you a lesson or two
About true love
And life
About mystery
and fantasy
About passion
And satisfaction
About superiority
And mediocraty
About domination
and submission
About the “live and let live” policy

Teacher, most of all
I want to teach you
To love with no strings attached
To love without constraint
To love without demanding obeisance
To love without conditions
To love because of love

Teacher….you need to learn
A lesson or two
About love, life, and sacrifice
Desire, Need, and Paradise
Tell me, Teacher, are you willing...
To let me teach?

Eileen Manassian Ghali