Fairy Tales

Written by: Debbie Duncan

I've always been attracted  to the other world.
You know,  the world in between life and death.
The one you always see out of the corner of your eye.
Was always that little girl who wanted to be someplace. 

Someplace more exciting then the place I was standing. 
I always knew there was something more exciting waiting.
More exciting then where I was standing, new adventures. 
Where the stardust falls at mid-night, with sunrise delight. 

World of whispers and flickering shadows in moonlight. 
Where the fairies and frogs and fireflies dance all night . 
I call it my consensual reality in my alternate universe .  
Come, take my hand, the land of enchantment is waiting. 

It was always ok that I was the only one that believed.   
Believed in the unseen world of the magical light beings. 
I see the gargoyles conversing with the pigeons high up.
Sometimes they wink at me as they turn back to stone. 

They pretend that way, so no one will catch on to them.
Trouble with magick is most people don't believe in it. 
Though I'm sure they could if they kept hold of dreams.
And child like natures and the innocents of childhood.
They don't believe in what's buried deep down inside. 
If you tried, I know you could see just what I see. 
Fairies with rainbow colored wings, fly against the sun.
Or dancing along the milky way in the pale moonlight.   

And the shoemakers magick shop is where they live.  
They are always delighted when you come for a visit.

 12:30am   3/ 3 2013
I wrote this as I was waiting for my daughter Jessie to come home from bowling.