The Pick-a-Dilly Lily NR

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

The once was a Pick-a-Dilly Lily,
well, she was all green, don't you see?
Though her friends ran about willy-nilly,
she sat on the ground 'neath a tree.

Dumpty-Down rolled on by shilly-shally,
never stopping to spark, or play,
even acorns would not dilly-dally,
it seems they had nothing to say.

Lily's head bowed in sadness, she whimpered,
"Am I  jealous, that could not be!"
Then an ant walking by said "It's simpler!" 
if you could get up, then you'd see.

Fair Lily prayed all the day long, "Oh, please." 
she wanted to run, to move 'round!
She prayed to the birds, she prayed to the bees,
she prayed to the thunders loud sound.

The next morn Lily spied Roly-Poly,
a fat man who said, "come with me,"
Now, she sit in a vase holy-moley, 
not under that fine acorn tree.

The moral right here is really quite clear,
green with envy, you should not be, 
be happy where God plants you, my dear,
and enjoy the shade of oak tree.

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