Witness for the Prosecution

Written by: Carrie Richards

I think the suspect has been found
I'm a witness to the dirty deed
Our eggs are smashed and jellybeans
are scattered now for birds and bees

I stepped into the frigid air
To gather up the morning news
A long eared rabbit startled me
A maverick rascal running fast

One last dash across the lawn
In his mouth a carrot's crown
Old Man Brown was on the loose!
Made no excuse, for running down
That rascal rabbit having fun,
found in the garden's carrot patch
snatching carrots one by one!

He thinks he's done that rabbit in,  
    now sittin' in the county jail
Mr. Brown is hoppin' mad,
    waiting for his bunny trial

The Easter bunny "possem played", is still hoppin' down the bunny trail

For Lisa Cooper's Contest: Clue 3/17/13