Bucket List

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I decided to put some thought
Into my bucket list today
I examined some metal ones
And worried they would rust away

I remember that plastic one
I really liked the way it felt
But if it becomes hot out there
I'm afraid my bucket would melt

Are there buckets made of rubber?
I think that would be really fine
If they haven't been invented
Then I could create the design

So many choices and colors
I'm going out of my mind
My list is getting much longer
Why's my bucket so hard to find

I've heard of kicking the bucket
I guess the frustration'sreal great
Oh where oh where is my bucket?
That I need to carry my Bait

The most important thing to do
Is to go fishing with my son
To hell with this dumb bucket list
I'll just use my tired old one

Bucket List

Better to live and enjoy people instead of being caught up in
The details of all the things we wish we had done. Live in the now.