The Engraved Heart

Written by: Carma Reed

The EnGraved Heart

I fight to the death, 
protecting you,
which protects me, 
upon the engraved heart, 
that runs waterfalls to you, 
a covered blood sheet, 
upholds among A shielded island,
on the upmost high, 
for you are,
worth my every scare of battle, 
onto its bitter end, I can not deny, 
your intoxicating love, 
drowns and upholds the key, 
to the page against every closed enemy , 
that willingly  opens to lead victory, 
bringing it to its courageous tided wave, 
end, beyond faith, in God knowingly, knowing, 
your love never fails,to-come-to my rescue, 
because I love you, far across the blooded oceans sea.z