Sunny Bunny

Written by: Joe Flach

Sunny was a bunny who didn’t know how to hop.
His brothers and his sisters could, but Sunny just could not.
Every time he tried to hop he just fell upon the floor;
Sunny tried each day and night until he couldn’t try any more.
Sunny’s sisters hopped to school, his brothers hopped there too
Sunny just stayed home all day, what else could a hopless bunny do?

But Sunny’s mother was a bunny who happened to be smart,
And she knew that Sunny was a bunny who had a great big heart.
She said, “Just because all bunnies hop doesn’t mean it’s the only way to go;
You could try to walk or skip or run or maybe even roll.
Just watch the other animals and see how they all get around
And soon you just might find a way to scoot across the ground.”

Now everywhere the bunnies go, Sunny gets there too,
By putting one foot in front of the other, just like me and you.
Not every bunny must do the things every other bunny does,
Was the lesson Sunny Bunny learned from his mother through her love.