Without You

Written by: Louise Phipps

Standing near my window pane,
I hear you say again and again..
"I Love You".
I smile staring at the streets covered in snow,
Saying "I love you more than you will ever know..
..Oh I do".
Turning desperately to get one last glare,
But the vision of you disappeared into thin air..
"Come back to me".
Deeply depressed,feeling so down,
I wish my life would just turn around..
"I wish".
I lay in my bed dreaming you were still here,
But the thoughts in my head of you aren't as clear as before..
"Why did you have to die?"
You left me so suddenly without any warning,
It hurts me to wake up without you each morning..
"I'm so Alone".
God I need you with me here,
The future is all I fear..
Being without you.