CYLeung Obsession

Written by: cheung shun sang

World obsessions keep the leftish Triad comes.
Juggle made the Trial balloons for C.Y. Leung public senses and just used money bribes to arrange some Hong Kong Leftish Triad to protest also support our so HONG KONG C.Y. LEUNG chief executive ways.
Rightist HONG KONG newspaper some as HONG KONG government counter alternative send their men that guise to get the evidence going against C.Y. gangs.
Most reports and evidences go against C.Y. gangs so may also include C.Y. Leung himself. That is Hong Kong world obsessions. Leftish Triad or rightist triad compulsive behavioral comes. Acute durations all are counts and counters alternatives.
----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------