Chloe Broadbent - Stillborn 1899

Written by: stark hunter

Chloe Broadbent

Stillborn  1899

My simple soul, my eyes,
Have never beheld the jewel of the night,
The morning star that ushers in
The dawning of a new day.
My brief inner heartbeat has never felt
The gentle pelting of the rain,
As it descends downward
Gently, peacefully, magically,
Like the mist of a cascading waterfall
Hidden deeply
Far away
Somewhere in the distance
In the mysterious grottos and crevices
Created by God,
My only friend.
Dearest mother.
Although we were together for those nine months,
I never knew you.
My simple soul, my eyes,
Never beheld your soul, and your eyes.
And although you held me,
I never held you.
Citizens of Earth:
You have no idea.
You have no idea.