13 foot away

Written by: Timothy Jacks

I'm 13ft away looking down in this hell Im in
Man i think I'm drowning,things are looking up too, no clowning around man,
if you come at me with false words then **** you, i did without love, stacked hate as pain in bank accounts,
As I remain the one looking and seeing everything backwards
The Lord never dealt with me harshly, you wants fact here,
I receive more mercy in one day then u received last year
but it aint my fault just ask Him
If you disagree It's Okay Im still saying **** you
Not like im right about it or seeking your trust here
so trust them, hold your nuts on me, 
when u see me u keep your mouth shut
Oh you thought u could crush them]
what you an enemy me of mine" respect my motha****in boundries