A Who Dunnit - Alliteration

Written by: Carrie Richards

Who Dunnit???

Old Otto Oppenheimer's, (originally of Oxford), obituary...has outsiders obsessed!
Only one off-spring of Otto, officiated.  
Overheard were onlookers offering outspoken and outrageous outlines of odd and ominous occurrences.

On October 1, outside Otto Oppenheimer's optometrist's office,
(now  overgrown by oleanders and one old olive orchard) all outdoors was overwhelmed by 
oppressing, and obnoxious oxygen...(overcoming officers with obvious objectionable and overly organic odors, officers were obliged to observe how oddly the one ornery octogenarian's office  was omitting organisms), ...,yet old owner's optic operation, out of order, still obviously open.  

Old Dr. Oppenheimer occasionally offended oldsters with obscenities and orgies. Oh, Lord !!
Others opened up of opiate opportunities Dr. Oppenheimer offered.

Perhaps our playboy professor proved to be pleasantly proficient in poetry, perplexing police?
Writing world's wistful, wonderful, whimsical words, to willing, wealthy women, while....
 wary, worried women watched him wither away from wantonness…
The old fool's fanciful fluent fables fell freely from false facades,
 ...finally forming furrows in fed-up faces finding fault in facts from full figured floozies, 
and fanning flames of his fabricated financial follies. Faithful faces flushed failing to face being fooled!
Fancy that!!

Officers opened ongoing oratories, often obstructed by obstacles, oozing of oodles of overbearing oddballs, on occasion outwittingly obliged to organize, orchestrate, and outfox the oldsters, who overtook and obliterated old Otto! 
Only to offer opposing opinions who ousted old Otto!  Obituary offers overt opinions.  

Officers offer ongoing orientations of Otto Oppenheimer's ordeal to offset obtuse observations!

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