Sorrow of Rain

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

Foolishness rose inside this heart
It screamed for the quietude of present
And covered its ear at the screeches of piercing past
Groveling, undulating . . . the mountains arose
And all was in eyesight 
Senses bled out and the lambs painfully drank

This heart was once brazen, haughty and bright
Now it patiently waits for the blankets of night
It will never be uncovered, unraveled . . . discovered
This was the thought of the heart in history
But many have come across it
Only to pass by in distain 
For who can bear the noisy sorrow of rain? 
They pass feeling the anguish throb
Touching their hearts for moments
Only to be lost in the void named Forgotten

Fool . . . fool, how could you believe? 
This isn’t real—they cannot see
But in this place you have so easily found
Harder will it be in this heart—
To leave
To give away

It has fallen into selfish feeling
And it waits and wallows
Screaming still for silence
Never to attain
Only to gain the sorrow of rain

March 14, 2013