On A Bench

Written by: Joe Flach

I was sitting on a bench, by the sunshine being drenched
When a strange situation took place
Someone sat next to me; from where he came I didn’t see
And I couldn’t get a good look at his face

Then he whispered in my ear, “Do you know why I am here”
And strangely, I thought that I might
I sensed his presence once before, standing in the bedroom door
When my father passed away in the night

I listened to a distant drum, knowing that my time had come
And asked if I could just bask a little longer
He said, “That beating is your heart, the journey we did start”
And I felt his grasp get a little stronger

They found me slumped on that bench and in my hand I had clenched
The pocket watch I inherited from Dad
Time means nothing more to me, now that I am history
Now my son has the watch we once had