Tidal Pull

Written by: Terrell Martin

In that September early evening
The waves came strolling in
From far beyond my line of sight.

The horizon was nothing 
But a fading glimpse of yesterday
As the day turned into night. 

Water lapped up on the sand
Completing its titanic, oceanic journey
Before turning back once more;

Flooding my mind 
With thoughts, emotions and memories
At the edge of the ocean floor.  

As I watched the water swirl into eddies
And tide pools attract everything 
From sea urchins to cephalopods 

Reminding me that we’re all in-different 
Phases of tidal pull until returning 
Back to God.

The colors in the sky were brilliant
As if Michelangelo and Da Vinci
Had been hired to paint the scene.

And sitting there watching the sun disappear 
I was struck by the idea that as the old song sings:
Life is but a dream.