Cthulhu Sunset

Written by: William Masonis

                                     The slash that is the roll of clouds
                                           Above the rising darkness
                                          That is gathering all about
                                              Is fading into blackness
                                          That is soulless and immortal
                           That is older than the spaces between the stars
                                             The Watcher in the Spaces
                                        Approaches in his mindless way.

                                                  A kind of silence
                                          Falls upon the subtle bending;
                                        All the angles have gone wrong
                                           A piping now the only song
                                                    An idiot's tone 
                                          Overlaid with sombre sighings

                                            Laughter laughter laughter
                                                   Mad and mirthless
                                                  From the darkness 
                                                       That is living
                                                  The Old Ones revel,
                                    In the sweetness of our final degradation.

                                                     A single scream
                                        Is stitching space and time together
                                                  Like a silver needle;
                                         Does it belong to me, or all my kind?
                                             Is there some future anymore                
                                          With reason broken on the shore
                                             Whence evil incarnate sails in
                                              Its sovereignty now to begin?

                                           Time may deign sometime to tell,
                                                                Or not.