The Green Bench

Written by: Heather Ober

Hidden past the highway bend, 
a bench clings to a shallow cliff
above a beach where banks extend
across the bay in sandy drifts.
When tides are low, the sea withdraws,
to flaunt the treasured ocean floor,
and anyone can walk across
the sand to reach the other shore.
With green paint peeling like old flesh,
the bench is baked in salt and sun.
Remember when the paint was fresh,
and in your arms I came undone? 
From here, we watch the water snag
in grooves of sand like buried mirrors. 
The sky is pink as sunlight fades.
Come close, my love, I need you nearer.

*This poem is based on the green bench (yes, it really exists!) at Sand Dollar Beach, located in the Rose Bay area of Nova Scotia, Canada