Welcome To America

Written by: John Monteblanco

They held up a sign that said, "Welcome to America! Land of the free," but America isn't free nor does it personify liberty and it surely doesn't breathe free air.
If you want a gallon of gas, that's three fifty out your right pocket and don't get me started on what needs to leave the left side of your chest.
I'll give you a penny for your words that mean absolutely NOTHING.
Because the words, "Welcome to America" are full of bullshit.
Where was the freedom when when they forced immigrants to read and write American now known as English?
Where was the liberty when they enslaved not only blacks, but browns as well?
So as for your "welcome" I say "bye." "To" creates "mother" and "America" gives birth to "****er."
If you didn't hear my words when I said them, how about you read between the lines and understand that...America ain't nothing to brag about if your black or brown.
Because last time I checked, they both played the role of bullied to the greed of a white man.
So I say, "Welcome to America! The Land where the rich only *****on you."