Le Bucket List

Written by: David Fisher

                 Ah, Paris, is still calling me, as a romantic lover that has been the 
                 background of my dreams. Though life passes by like a falling star 
                  the hopeful trip still flows through my  bloodstream.  I’ve put off
                  hearing ‘Comment-allez vous’,  which is an old reminder of what
                   someday I must do.   Sometimes my thought’s  wander to  the
                    banks of the Seine yet I’ve never been except in pictures back
                     then.   Will it ever happen?  I long to stroll down the Champ 
                      De Elysee  for a whole day during the lovely month of  May.
                       And when I gaze upon the Arc De Triomphe,  I won’t state
                        ‘humph’,  rather it will  be my own  triumph.   I’d  love to
                         sit for hours, and  be transformed  by the power of  the 
                          Eiffel Tower.  There  will be plenty of time to visit  the
                           Louvre  and Notre Dame  which are two good reasons
                            why I came. I’ll also see the castle Versailles before 
                             I die; only as long as I give a try. And when hunger 
                              sets in I’ll order café au lait in a sidewalk café  on 
                               the Champ De Elysee, and maybe I’ll say,  merci.
                                A baguette  with some brie will go  wonderfully
                                 With this bucket list spree  in good  old  Paris.
                                   Paris has always been the X on my treasure
                                    map, though wrinkled and worn going  way 
                                     back, I had sworn to dig up my dream, ah
                                      some day, some day. Au revoir mon ami.

Le Bucket List by David Fisher for Bucket List Contest