Answered Prayer

Written by: Connie Moore

I Sit Quietly in My Wheel Chair,
I Don’t Make Very Much Noise...
But I Still Have Pictures in My Mind,
Of Suffering along with the Other Boys.

We Were All Prisoners of the Vietnam War,
But Prison Is Prison I Guess, after All.....
But There Were Times I Remember
I’d Just as Well Taken the Fall.

I Remember So Many Other Things,
But They Are Buried Deep Within.
I Try to Say a Word or Two
But....I Never Can in the End.

I Ask and Pray to God Above,
Why Am I Still Living?
What Is My Purpose Here?
Do I Just Keep on Giving and Giving?

Maybe I Will Never Know..
And I’ve Lost My Thought Somehow..
I Can’t Remember from Day to Day,
And I Get “Then” Mixed up with “Now”.

I See My Nurse Coming down the Hall,
I Guess It’s Time for Bed
I’ll Lay in the Dark and Wonder Again
Why Am I Alive When I’d Rather Be Dead.

Then I See the Strangest Light...
I Hear a Voice Say, “Your Time Has Come..”
I Jump up and Run to the Light,
And Thank God My Time Here Is Done.

I Looked Back and Saw the Nurse,
Standing There Holding My Hand..
I Heard Her Say, “Good Bye Old Friend...”
You Never Came Home from ‘Nam.”

Connie Moore