Daytime Somnambulism

Written by: Odin Roark

Daytime Somnambulism

How haunting the loss
When one squanders consciousness
Soul to surface
Dreams of dances unrealized

Oh how tempting
This somnambulistic space we possess
Where unlived experience resides
Intimidated by actuality
Hidden in shackled prisons of vagary
Fearful of breath-held reality


Too many walk this realm of un-being
Where shadowed innocence lingers
But to offer ever so subtle lessons
Where self respect
Grants liberty of soul

How sublime exploratory stumbling
Where light and darkness
Ignore separation
Respecting one another's captivity

One foot ahead of the other
Becoming all that we are
Even as naysayers
Bellow "Beware!"

Forget the risk
Be the dream's dreamer
Let pass the cautions

Lest we forget

Sleep walkers by day
Represent but craven journeys
Going needlessly nowhere