yes no

Written by: Michelle Bailey

Yes, no, maybe so, actually I'm not  quite sure 
do you have a remedy-for my heartache a cure 
yes, no, maybe so, actually what do you think ? 
Do you have a rope to pull me back-for I'm on the edge of a brink 
yes. no, maybe so, what do you take me for 
the fact that I can see your fakeness the minute I walk through the door 
yes, no, maybe so, actually do I care 
when you always let me down-even though you say you're there 
yes, no, maybe so, do I actually give a damn 
do you mean it at all-when you ask how I am 
yes, no ,maybe so, actually I don’t have a clue 
why you say you love yet treat me the way you do 
yes, no, maybe so, actually this doesn't feel right 
when I yearn to feel your presence 
but in reality, you're hidden from my sight 
yes, no, maybe so, actually no more can I take 
when instead of true love, all I receive is heartache 
yes, no, maybe so, I think it’s time for me to resign 
when from this world my heartbeat shall slowly decline