Where Feelings Hide

Written by: Dylan Irvin

This love for you has slowly died down
My mind learned to hide, but it’s always found
This love for you has slowly gone astray
My mind turned to follow, but then walked away
Through an open water deeply locked

I lay lifeless on this water floor
Hoping and wishing for something more
The lights they flicker and shadows bend
My nights get sicker as we near the end
Rain drops splatter and ripple on the liquid moon
The melting sky calls upon me tonight
I know responsibilities will be here soon
This will change who I am, so that’s alright

Once when I was young I used to dream the moon stole the ocean floor
And that everything on Earth sank into it’s own dying core
This choice is for the new life almost here
And there’s been thousands of days in this year
So I think I’ll head for the horizon and tread to the shore
Needing to flee the sea and focus on me and nothing more

So I offer these numb feelings to the swaying tide
Ocean forever hide me where feelings can hide
Wherever it is that feelings hide
I don’t care how, just take me to that same core
These feelings, now I can’t feel them anymore
And they’re left behind with nothing but words