This one is for you

Written by: Tina Heilig

I was once happily lying in your arms

Mislead by all your charms

Was sleeping peacefully and now that I wake

My body begins to shake


Loved you more than words can say

Never thought it would end this way

You said that you would never leave

Took my heart and soul, you thief


Whilst trying to be a little  more civilized

It really hurt when I realized

I have failed to give the world my love as such

Because of loving you too much


And now I am here and I’m all alone

My heart has turned to stone

All the joy was replaced with pain

Will I ever learn to love again

They say that time is the greatest healer

To me it is more like a sealer

It covers feelings such as pain and dismay

But it does not take them away

I still love you and am hurting every day

My thoughts are with you all the way

Even though I know that you are gone

My heart will never really move on