Those Dreadful Tears

Written by: Connie Moore

 I Have a Beautiful Child
 but She Is Full of Hate and Anger,
 Now I Find above All Else
 I must Keep Her out of Danger.
 She Has Not Learned to Love
 and Knows Not How to Give..
 But I Shall Take Her with Me
 down the Path Called..."Live"
 Along this Path We Twine
 Finding Laughter, Trust and Fun
 We Shall Lessen the Load of Misery,
 Travelling to the Light of the Sun.
 So Stay Awhile with Me, Child
 I Will Soothe Those Aches and Fears.
 Together this Path We Travel 
 Shall Stop Those Dreadful Tears.
 Connie Moore
 Feb. 21, 2000