What Lurks Within

Written by: Judy Konos

Dear Diary, 

Once again I inform you, my sleepless nights continue
when slowly the dawn blankets the room I awake with you,             
I feel the moisture dripping through the walls onto the cypress floor, 
I know that there are ghosts, one... two... possibly more.
I sometimes see this little girl who stands near in the hall,
her eyes affixed on mine so young, so dead, so  small.  
And still there is another with eyes once filled with love
who searches below the cypress and into the attic above

He calls out continually though never to a given name
with outstretched arms whispering, " I am the one you blame"
Please Diary tell me, you'll help to stave my fear
as the ghosts go on their rounds, I need to keep you near..
I must go..I hear  them....
                                             will write tomorrow....