Fight the Light and Live Your Life

Written by: Sarah Broun

The gates closed around us
We all cried out for help
We knew it was true
The Rumors
The Gossip
The stars we ware on our chests read "Jude"

They hold their whips
Their guns
And knives
They shun us all 
Killing our family
We hold on
We fight back
We are injured
"MOTHER" we scream 
But she lay before us

The next day we stand strong and tall
We know now what to do
That night we crawl
Crawl through the hole we will make
Make it in the ground

That night we dig
We dig until we're through
They see us and catch us
We are through 

They take us to the gas chambers
They strip us down to your nude selves
Like we have no shame
They open the door and we are forced in
The hole in the ceiling opens

Dedicated to all of those who died during the Holocaust