Has it been

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

Has it been ?

It has been – from then until now – a long winding road, 
journeying through forests, up mountains, in graveyards,
down valleys, into hell fires, experiencing life’s diversions,
filled – heart ache, heart break, pointless pain inflicted
and yet, continues to carry on - arriving at this place,
this point in time and space, that I have come to – empty !

Has it been ?, fate, destiny, genetics, karma, heritage,
unenlightened choices that have guided the foot steps
to the door, behind which an empty heart, an indifferent
soul, a cold spirit awaits, to foil every attempt to enter.
Could ?, this ghostly apparition be the avenging angel 
- for – setting before me, for me all the pain,
all the heartache that has followed in my wake
as I take, this, my journey towards the empty,
meaningless, void that seems to be me and my life.
Only the stars, steel bars and the angels know
what lies behind / within the shadows of this life !

B. J. “A” 2  
April 29th 2008