In silence

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

Wedding's off,
that's what she wants,
stop the church bells,
stop the organ,
stop the music,
be silent,
good people walk to your home.
Her heart has been broken
in thousand peaces more,
and was left behind.
So, all she asks is:
silence please
you, good people,
walk home.
Don't ask why,
Don't raise your eyebrows,
and most of all;
you good people, don't cry.
'Cause she didn't cry,
be happy for her.
"It's better now, 
then ten years down the road." 
she said.

So, all she asks of you,
good people,
in silence go to your home.
Don't ask why
don't cry,
That's what she wants.
Stop the church bells,
stop the music,
in silence, all of you,
good people.
Please walk to your home,
and don't ask why,
most of all,
don't cry.
The play is still going on
just the weddings ceremony is off...

In silence all of you good people,
walk to your home,and
please, don't ask why.