Written by: Jelena Krasic

Storm of feelings inside me,
high, cold walls around me,
I just love you, nobody else, just you, "amore!"
It's hard to fight when my mind wants you,
my heart beats for you, every cell of my body
exists for loving you!
You are not mine, and maybe you'll never be,
but the stars, the whole universe moves
before this storm
of feelings, the sun isn't strong enough to
fight it,
the Earth shakes every time when I think of
only the ocean can absorb and calm my soul,
but nothing can stop this eruption of pure,
simple love!
You want to be loved, but you don't know how
to love.
You want to open your heart, but it has been
closed too long.
You want to be caught by the storm,
but you only know how to run from it!
Then run!
Wherever you go, wherever you hide, every
cloud, every raindrop you'll see.
It's going to be me, "amore,"
me and my storm of feelings!