My First

Written by: Bernes Suljic

   " My First "

She was my first but never my last
I had a lot more girls mess with my past

but why do i keep thinking about this one
yea we had a blast yea we had a past
but that doesn't mean anything when the future's this fast

as I'm up there performing i take a look down and glance
try to put her face on some of the fans

but shes never there, she doesn't want to be
because i never care about or destiny,

So one day i hope she hears one of my calls
so she can move in where she belongs.

as i sit here try to find her number
i took a look back and i remembered

as soon as i changed she closed the door
sent me a text and said there was no more

as i replied back "no" but to my surprise
there was no answer so i closed my eyes

thought about her all day wanted to forget
erased her number, man my biggest regret

now a few years past i had a great run
but in the end i only needed one.