Written by: Grobb Johnson

Creeping and crawling,
from the ceiling they're falling
on the bed they are sprawling.
Look how they run free,
they just want to get me.
Eight legged and hairy
disgusting so very.
I can't think I can't sleep
I won't blink while they keep.
Waiting and watching 
with all of their eyes.
For when I go to close mine,
there will come a surprise.

Spiders everywhere,
On my skin, in my hair.
In my shoes under the sink.
under the couch, in my drink.
In the toilet, in my bed
In the the bath tub, in my head.
Invaders, encroachers,
horrifying approachers. 
The worst of the worst. 
That egg sack....just burst.

Disgustingly hideous.
How do I get rid of this?
Every morning every night,
every day full of fright.
In the corner of my sight.
I see one right there,
into his eyes I do stare,
I can see he don't care.

Because I can see,
he's grinning at me.
So evily, so happily.