Another Fairytale That Will Never Be

Written by: Jay Loveless

I think your scale is broken
Either that or mine. 
Im only a half pence when I weigh myself in, 
or has the value changed over time. 
Its like a rose thats been wilted, petals torn to shreds, 
yet you still see beauty in a flower not quite dead. 
My heart is confused 
peeking through the wrong end of a looking glass, 
through all the pain I cry 
when I really should laugh. 
The irony is just too much, 
its nothing I can understand. 
When the bullet goes to hit, 
and I realize there's no gun in my hand. 
Your holding back the hammer, 
you look into my eyes. 
I see a cold dark wall, 
and something that almost resembles a shimmer of light. 
It makes no sense to me, 
how you can see the potential of a bad seed, 
I'll never bloom into a tree, 
but the way you look at me. 
A half pence is just too much, 
but you pay a bag of gold, 
just to see me smile, 
when will reality unfold.