What Is To Come


 Such a terrible way to be when you've been hurt by the one you hold so dear,
The emotions that rush through your soul alerting you of what you most fear.
   Visions of all the cold dark nights with the sound of emptiness loud as drums,
The pain in my stomach aches to my soul and I'm afraid of all that is to come.
    What kind of pleasure is this to hurt another and not feel the pain you've caused,
It is clear to see that you do not have a clue of what exactly you have lost.
     In the days that will follow will be a reminder of your greatest mistake,
You will beg and you will pray for it to end but it will be to late.
     The heaviness in my heart wieghs me down making it hard to move around ,
Knowing this is the beginning of a sad future this is what I've found.
     How could this possibly happen to me I was so ready and so prepared ,
One thing for sure I am feeling today that there is no doubt I am scared.
     All your lies and deceptions have found thiere way to my once true heart,
I know this for fact what is to happen  very soon I will be falling apart.
      There will be no more sunny skies filled with those happy moments,
There will only be a shell of a man who once had a dream and felt content.
      Do you see the things in the back of my mind shadowing what was our lives,
As they draw closer and clearer showing me just how much it makes me want to cry.