Written by: Camay Layaou

I’ve become a rag doll,
Disposed at your own liking.
How long do you expect me to fall?
When your words are striking.
I’ve grown old of  your lies,
Your stare induces pain,
From your once loving eyes.
Please, your making me Insane.
A burning sensation stings my eyes,
As my tears stain,
You try to calm your lies,
Calling me to you, calling my name.
I don’t know who your calling.
I’m no longer her.
You don’t care, you don’t deter.
Ive picked myself up from the dirt,
Too many times.
You keep pushing me down, despite the hurt
Im the product of all your crimes.
You disappear,
And Im supposed to sit, waiting.
Anxiously sitting in fear.
Will my love come back to me?
Or will you still be the beast?
Will your anger be set free?
Will the lies and cheating seise?
I cant tell you why,
I sit here still.
I cant tell you why,
I still sit here, to cry.