Lyric Advice

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Hide, Hide
Deep inside
All those things
That drive you wild

Hush, hush
Not a sound
Of the secret
Love you've found

Cover, cover
Keep the passion
You discover

Dream, dream
A steady stream
All the things that
Make you scream

Touch, touch
Reach and touch
All the things 
You crave so much

Kiss, kiss
A gentle kiss
To the ones 
who bring you bliss

Sip, Sip
Take a sip
Of all the things
That wet your lip

Burn, burn
Ignite and burn
With all the things
That make you yearn

Glow, glow
Release your glow
In waves of light
That let love flow

Sigh, sigh
Let out a sigh
For all the things
That make you fly

Eat, eat
Be quick to eat
All those things
That make life sweet

Seek, Seek
Play hide and seek
With the ones
Who make you weak

Feel, Feel
Wake up and feel
All the things 
That make life real.

Eileen Manassian Ghali