Different Tresses

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Like a yarn spindle was she
Pear shaped_ bottom heavy
Born with honey colored hair and very fair
Loved by her mother and her father's pride
Life was good in their loved filled little home

Soon another maiden fair
Joined the family clan
Just like an aunt was she with raven colored hair
Blessed with hour-glass figure danity hands and feet

The spindle and hour-glass
Enjoyed hours of play
Dreaming at times of who they would become one day_
Would they marry their knight in shining armor?
Would they become a star?

Surprise of surprises shortly in the future
Another little doll came to the home to dwell
Porcelian Doll dressed in pink with tresses of red
A new toy for the sisters this delicate doll
Light ivory complexion and green eyes so coy_

What would fate issue_lives of successes?
Or would life destroy the sisters with different tresses?  

Sponsor: Jeremy Martain
Contest: Objectify me