Written by: Andrew Crisci

Brittany had an adorable bunny,
this little pet was somewhat funny;
it was a gift from uncle Benny who owned a farm
he told her, " Please, pick the one with the most charm! "

A year passed and the white bunny ate more food and grew, 
he jumped up when Brittany's mom made chicken or beef stew,
she always gave him a big bowl to make his belly full;
kids came around and tickled him...oh, he was so cool!

Brittany had an adorable bunny,
she fed him milk and strawberry 
and wouldn't let any stranger pat or play with him...
oh, without his presence her day would have been dim!

One Friday morning when Brittany was in school, the bunny  
was lured away by one of her friends whose name was Betty; 
she had an Easter basket stuffed with jelly beans: the treat of a vengeful child...
she carried him across the road, but they both got hit by a speeding car and died!

Written on 3/11/2013