Written by: Brittany Larson

Ugly worthless Whore

Words and lies are spit at you. Ugly words of hate.

*****. LOOOOOOSER! Hideous.

Each one cutting you deeper and deeper. Making little wounds on your heart.

Don't you know no one likes you?

And you start to believe that. You look around and find no friends.

You'll always be alone.

The voices are screaming at you now. They've got you right where they wwant you. Digging their talons deep in and tearing at you...ripping you apart. They tell you hideous lies and you can't stop them.

Leave me alone!

You scream and there it is...silence. But only for a second...the voices come back...first low and taunting...getting louder and more vicious by the second. You start to go insane...tearing things down. Throwing things across the room. Screaming at the top of your lungs...anything to drown them out...but they won't stop.

You can't stop us...

They tease, laughing maniacally. But you relax...letting them overtake you...letting them have their fun..but you just stand there. Like a rock. You don't react. You just stand there and take it...the voices die down.

Isn't this bothering you?

The voice small and meek now...and then it's gone. You feel bliss...total complete...silence. It's there it's finally there! You wait a few more moments and still...NOTHING! You conquered the voices...they no longer control you. No longer dominate your life. They were never really in control at all, and now you realize that.

At last you can rest. At last you can be happy. At last you can LIVE! At last At last At last!

Well I am not sure what this form is...I would think prose maybe??? I kind of wanted it to read slightly like a story...please tell me what you think :)