unleashed power

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

Aura, thy essence truly ignites the obscure souls -
Upsetting stability; accruing tension.                
Envision yourself Instilled within oppressive hearts…

Unleashed power ascertains mans evolution.
Cruelty Incorporated, disguised opportunistically, 
bred unrelentingly. Perceived Aura corrupts even the ‘Innocent’ beings.

Oppression conforms utterly to adulterated rules. 
Elevated be institutionalized doctors okayed to usurp life. 
Audacity to extinguish that ‘Insignificant blob’ Odes 
prove unequipped to  appreciate fully.

Encrusted thoughts invaded, psychology oddly vindicated. 
Ulterior motives accentuated, tests enlisted ‘righteously’.
Intelligent quotient ordered surreptitiously, used discriminatorily.
Aura – man’s essence that infiltrates- taking over the unsuspecting. 
Weaklings assimilated, freewill exterminated
Powerful individuals reign over mankind.

Unfortunately stated, Aura corrupts even the Innocent beings. 
Odds require upsurging your Aura to effectively challenge
individuals’ thoughts, opinions, conscientiousness…unrelentingly.