Written by: olusegun Arowolo

The healthy man fights not to be sick,
Meticulous doctor prays to have enough patients,
patients hope not to end up in the morgue,
morgue keeper needs more corpses to keep his job,
The coffin maker hopes to make enough sales
to pay his bills;praying that many should die.

The robbers pray not to get caught ,but
to succeed more in their exploits;
Fraudsters plan to swindle more victims,
Crime fighters prepare more to stop crime,
as terrorists device different means to make
their impact more devastating.

A woman prays day and night to have a baby,
A child! of her own to bring out the joy of her marriage
and silent all her enemies and adversaries,
Another refuses to have one;she evacuates her womb
many times in her lifetime,not ready for motherhood,
The strong and wise remain poor,
while the weak and nitwit dined in opulence.

Electorates planned and prayed to elect good leaders,
'Good' leaders embezzle and usurp power,
A man has thirty-six duplexes and two castles
but sleep only in one room,while another man has six children
with no room to lay his body.

Oil exploration increases,piracy increases,
New pipelines constructed,vandals destroy,
UNO sues for world peace,more nuclear weapons
produced,insurgency unabated,
everyone prays to succeed in their quest,
Whose prayer should be answered?
That of UNO or terrorists?
Crime fighters or criminals?
evildoers or good fellows?
Doctors or patients or coffin makers?
Saints or the beasts?
Murderers or mothers?
Hmm!I`m confused...
Thanks to the supreme deity,I`m not in HIS Shoes.