Written by: Joyce Johnson

Awaking to exceptional day, I noticed obviously gross, uncut grass,
all glaringly exhibiting growth in degrees ordinarily considered unusual.
My ambition to erase the ill look of my ugly duckling animated me.
Every bold invader was ostracized most unmercifully.
Persistently advancing, still energized, while ignoring time or thirst, unknowingly.
Pleased as grasses etherized helplessly, I rejoiced over their utter ruin.
Admiring my efforts gleefully, I stopped only for upkeep.
Surprised at the emergence right in time of prized unusual plants and 
some edibles, deliberately I carried on with ultimate results.
As pride exalted me, I reckoned on finishing undamaged.
Perhaps a more experienced person in mowing occupation would understand,
the almost hypnotic effect that is brought on by unreasonable dedication.
As beauty emerged with incisive deftness, orderly rows ultimately triumphed.
As mower ensnared grass, I boldly opted to unload.
Tiredness assailed me even though I knew once more unbounded pride, acknowledging that every blade is mowed on my utopia.   The action has energized some inactive muscles, obviously long unused. So as result expecting that I will observe some unpleasantness for attempting more exercise than I might often have utilized. 
Now a peace envelops me. I know of nothing unpleasant.