Remember the Fairy

Written by: Eileen Manassian

When the moon is full and the night is young
And the smell of honeysuckle lingers
As you wander down every star strewn path
You will long for the warmth of my fingers

As you meet the dawn and you hear the song
Of nature that’s greeting the day
You will want to feel my warmth like the sun
And you will whisper my name when you pray

As the day waxes on, you are undone
And you need to lay your head on my chest
The tears will gather then threaten to fall
For you’ll regret that you lay love to rest 

As the sun goes down in glorious array
Of the same colors and hues of my soul
You will feel the urge to hold me once more
And for your brokenness to be made whole

As you toss and turn on your lonely bed
And you wish for the release of sweet dreams
You see me hover just out of your reach
Your desire to possess hopeless seems

When I was yours my heart lived to delight
Like a fairy, I was ever on hand
But you tired of me, left fairyland
These fairy sprinkles don’t seen quite as grand  

And so when you feel an enchanted breeze
Embued with desire caress your face
Or when tenderness washes over you
Your fairy calls to you her love to trace

She’ll dance through each moment, sing in your dream
You will regret that you threw her aside
The torment she’ll put you through will be sweet
You WILL remember me, your fairy bride.

Eileen Manassian Ghali