Sounds that make me wonder

Written by: Jennifer Marie Oliver

I live by some hospitals
I listen all the time ,
To siren after siren 
blaring noises rain or shine.

I sometimes stop and listen
And try to picture whom
Is take to the hospital,
To the ER room. 

What kind of tragedy 
Did they meet today?
Will they make it through the night?
Will this be their last stay?

I've lived around the country 
In many different states.
Noises out my window,
I listen to when I'm awake.

Sometimes it be water,waves breaking to the shore.
Another home had airplanes always crossing overhead.
Train tracks They're favorite, their horns never bore
But sirens, fire trucks and ambulances now, forever fill my head.

I often listen and wonder when I hear a bunch
Is this some catastrophe? Is there something I should do?
The more that keep on coming, I begin to have a hunch
But when they stop blaring, I decide its nothing new. 

It's sad to be desensitized by emergency sounds
I often wonder how it was back when, in smaller towns
How did people handle all the emergencies around?
I hope the people all were know not strangers with just sounds.