Please Don't Asked For My Decision On Anything: 2

Written by: Annie Lander

Please don’t anybody asked me to decide anything. I don’t know
It had been one hell of a week. 
The white snow doesn’t know if to fall; or the rain doesn’t know if it should pour
It takes sudden depression to make us see what life is
Life without a path is like flies on the cow ass,
As it uses its tail as a whip and swished the flies away

It a daily struggle but somehow we manage to move forward
It takes a man or woman who is down on they luck to wake up and face reality
A wise man will listen, hear, receive, and is always learning: because he uses every tactic
Known in the book
He laid back and makes the poor man do all the work
While he uses he brain and secures his profits… 
Please don’t ask me to decide anything. I don’t know
Even a rat hate to be called by another name; for goodness sake
A rat is a rat. Why give it a different name.
The best of the best stool pigeon   know how to keep its beak close
So please don’t asked me anything.. I don’t know