Closer to the Killing Fields

Written by: Terrell Martin

Quite often I catch myself 
Watching old movies
About America’s great wars
And find myself humbled and awed by the sacrifices
Of so many countless souls. 

Since our War for Independence  
America’s been engaged
In one momentous battle after another
Which some have argued and always will, 
That some of these have been for ill-gotten gains
And needless blood was spilled. 

Never the less, I readily confess
I’m envious of our heroes
Who fought and died 
While others have survived
With deep seated wounds and scars
That may never heal.  
One can only imagine how 
They must think and feel.

And although I also did my duty 
For many years in uniform;
Never once did battle find me, 
My mind or body torn. 

For which I’m thankful beyond measure
And yet wishful I might have been
Closer to the killing fields
Like so many other good men.