Cowboy 1

Written by: Phyllis Babcock

 Feeling lonely I drove my car into the countryside
 The hot sun scorched the earth that day
With picnic in hand I wanted to drink in nature
Finding a secluded spot under a tree near a field
I drank and ate and listened to the chirping birds
Feeling lazy I decided to take a walk
Out among the wheat fields golden stalks
I heard before I seen a lone cowboy ride up
Wind fluttered upon my cheeks as I slowly gazed
My heart decided to take an extra beat 
There riding a magnificent stallion, black as night
Was the most striking figure I had ever seen
Black hair tinged with silver gray
Starring, weary blue eyes that looked my way
We gazed into each others eyes
The attraction was undeniable 
As he dismounted his scent and sweat filled my nostrils
His exposed muscles tensed under the heat
My eyes widened at the sun burnt perspiring skin
As he took off his cowboy hat and wiped his brow
He greeted me with a seductive smile
Oh so handsome was this cowboy man